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07/03 -  chm2web 2.85
06/16 -  chm2web 2.84
06/11 -  NotesHolder 2.2
05/11 -  chm2web 2.83
04/24 -  NotesHolder 2.1.5
03/31 -  NotesHolder 2.1
03/24 -  chm2web 2.82
03/06 -  chm2web 2.81
03/06 -  NotesHolder 2.0.2
02/28 -  NotesHolder 2.0.1
02/27 -  New service area
02/12 -  NotesHolder 2.0
10/13 -  New chm2web screenshots
09/26 -  chm2web 2.8
06/09 -  chm2web 2.76

On this page we present all the software A!K Research Labs produces. Please come back often for we frequently update the software with newer versions.

chm2web - HTML Help conversion utility chm2web 2.85

chm2web is a tool for on-the-fly conversion of compiled help files (.chm) into a ready-to-publish web help system. It's a "must have tool" for any software vendor... [product page] [screen shots] [purchase] [download] [online help]

NotesHolder - Easy to use Sticky Notes Organizer NotesHolder 2.2

NotesHolder is an award-winning sticky notes organizer. It lets you quickly type in any piece of information so that you can easily find it when you need to read it or print it out for your convenience...[product page] [screen shots] [purchase] [download] [online help]

Smart WorkTime Tracker - Project Time Tracking Software Smart WorkTime Tracker 2.15

Smart WorkTime Tracker is award-winning advanced project-oriented time-tracking software. It helps you collect the most comprehensive data concerning your working time consumption and distribution... [product page] [screen shots] [purchase] [download] [online help]

Pocket Icon - Icon Editor for Pocket PC Pocket Icon 1.30 fix1 for PocketPC

Pocket Icon is a powerful, easy-to-use utility for creating and editing icons on your Pocket PC... [product page] [screen shots] [purchase] [download]

Email Cloaker for Web - Spam Protection Email Cloaker for Web 1.21

Email Cloaker for Web is a simple utility generates code that cloaks e-mail addresses in HTML and prevents them from being harvested by spam spiders. Windows and Mac OS X versions are available... [product page]

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